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Category : Music · by Mar 20th, 2018

This year has been very good to me. Which makes me suspicious.

Last year was not what a privileged person should call ‘bad’ but it was quite challenging with lots of mistakes and significant changes.

The couple of years before that were really rather undesirable, at least that was how they felt in my self absorbed state of mind. Of course good things happened but I couldn’t seem to focus on them.


During that time I began writing to somehow make sense of and express how I felt. Perhaps also to escape a little. The results reflected a pretty dark place, full of confusion, frustration, paranoia, melancholy, tension and dissatisfaction.  I think the music pretty accurately reflects those sentiments. There were about 20 or so tracks that I felt might be worth sharing but the task of compiling them all into an album felt rather overwhelming and so I opted to break them apart into 4 or 5 EPs

And while I rather enjoy the pieces if I step back from them, I find that motion quite hard to employ. It is because of that that these releases are taking much longer than they should. As previously mentioned, things have been trending in a generally positive trajectory for the last year or two and I find it quite hard to put myself back in that ugly space. On top of that my overzealous approach to micro-editing and sound design coupled with an increase in teaching workload (something I am thoroughly enjoying though) means that this whole thing has been quite the languid birth. People have emailed me about the follow up EPs after ‘FIRST’ was released querying the tardy release schedule and so to those people, I apologise. I can’t assure you that the next one will come any sooner either.


I am however sitting on a mountain of new material that better reflects my current state of mind and I am very excited for these fabrications to see the light of day. I have learnt not to promise dates but I hope, as you might, that it isn’t unreasonably far in the future.


I hope you enjoy the ‘SECOND’ EP and that perhaps you can identify with some of the concepts and spaces presented in the compositions. I would love to hear your thoughts and am happy to share sounds, STEMS, project files and discuss the process and strategies employed in the arrangements if you are interested.

Bandcamp link is at the top for support, Spotify link below





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