I done maked a vidjo

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Live Improv Performance at Griffith University

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Pictures from last Friday nights performance with Toby Gifford using Tim Exile’s Reaktor ensemble ‘The Finger’ as a base for processing and Ableton controlled via Touchable for capturing audio which was only coming from Toby and his Maschine.

A fun exercise not only in improvised composition but also in using only improvised streams of sound as your source material. Pretty sure I’m going to expand on this experiment as it was a lot of fun and sounded great!


Andrew Brown's 925_20150313_009

Andrew Brown's 925_20150313_012

Weird Dance Music (WDM)

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WDM is a new collective I’m facilitating who cooperate on a monthly nightclub event in Brisbane Australia which features…..you guessed it; Weird Dance Music. Everything including Glitch, IDM, Broken Beat, Glitch Hop, Breakcore, Chiptune etc etc. If it’s weird and you can dance to it, we’ll probably try and play it.

The website will also play host to various WDM trawlings that we enjoy from teh interwebs